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Last week I came across an old photo that brought forth fond memories of my youth. Well, am still in the youth bracket, but nevertheless am gaining experience because ladies don’t tell their age yeah. This photo 15 years ago when fitness was my second name, I recall I could do over 70 push ups and 80 sit ups. I love to exercise and so I hit the floor to gauge how many I can do now and I surprised myself.

Truly I must confess I wasn’t happy because I know my standards and acknowledging how far I have fallen short, I knew it is time to step up the game. Deep in thought, I relate how many times in life we slip by, fall short of our life goals and standards losing track of what we set out to achieve. We invest and start a fitness program and somewhere along the line we pass by a restaurant and mess the calorie intake with piece of fried sizzling stake that a friend offers us to taste. Then of course we make a new order and assure ourselves to run on treadmill 15 more minutes.

Many times we set goals and match forth with eager passion and enthusiasm. We forget that the journey is a challenge of twists and turns and nothing is straightforward. Sometimes we must forge new paths and evolve to become who we are meant to be. Many times we must seek counsel and be careful on who feeds our minds so as not to be distracted. We get hurt in the process, but that is a necessary ingredient to build the muscle for endurance and growth.

I gather great inspiration from my mentor Les Brown and in one of his speeches. ”It’s Not Over Until You Win” link https://youtu.be/KlUMrzwmbyo he says ”In the process of working on your dream you will incur a lot of disappointment,  pain, setback, failure but you will discover some things about you that you didn’t know about yourself. You will realize you have greatness within you.”  

In the quest to achieve life goals or fitness goals, one needs to raise the standard of their activities and maintain the focus to get and remain at the top. At the end of the day we achieve our standards not necessarily our goals.

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