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DIY Beauty – Honey Face Mask


Honey is one of the most essential and inexpensive beauty secrets used for many years to maintain a smooth glowing skin complexion. In between the monthly Spa facial treatments, homemade honey face masks can be used to restore the youthful glow of your skin whilst strengthening the skin protection barrier function. A damaged skin barrier function facilitates frequent breakouts, skin sensitivity and inflammation. With its anti – bacterial abilities honey will soothe and heal the skin effectively.

Filled with powerful antioxidants, enzymes and other various nutrients, honey lightens the skin and decreases the appearance of scars and generally increases tissue regeneration. As a natural humectant, it draws in moisture from the air and keeps the skin soft and well hydrated deep into the skin layers.

Before applying the honey mask, one can prepare the skin by steaming the face to open up the pores. The enzymes in raw honey clarify and keep the pores clear and clean making it easy to unclog them. Pour boiling water in a bowl and allow the steam onto your face. Using honey on its own makes a wonderful moisturizing mask however, you can also combine honey with other natural ingredients to give it various additional benefits as stipulated below:

Honey mask

  • Honey Cleanser – Massage honey mixed with coconut oil or jojoba oil to loosen make up while moisturizing at the same time.
  • Honey Exfoliator – Mix two parts honey and one part baking soda. The baking soda is a gentle natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells allowing new cells to emerge for radiant complexion and honey soothes and heals the skin
  • Acne  and scar treatment – With its anti inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties especially the bee propolis component which is a natural antibiotic in the honey, it will kill germs and calm redness and skin irritation that lead to breakouts.
  • Sunburn TreatmentAloe vera gel and honey make a powerful blend of nourishing properties that calm and heal the skin delivering the nutrients deep into the skin. A favorite of many, the blend not only calms the sun exposed skin, the mask is beneficial in healing and restoring the skin protective barrier.

“Whether you are looking for an inexpensive DIY solution or a powerful skin treatment, raw honey can help you regain your glow ” – Kim Wallace (Beauty Expert)


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