Effects of Aging on Your Skin

Picture your skin as a juicy plum; moisturized, taut and smooth. That depicts young beautiful healthy skin. However as we age, our skin looses moisture faster. In addition to the environmental factors, pretty soon the skin starts sagging, appears dull and thereafter starts forming wrinkles.
While we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can restore the skin’s moisture balance, stimulate collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Making your skin appear more like a freshly picked plum is the result of a good skin care routine. Bringing out the latest skin science combined with natural minerals and botanical, Infinite by Forever skin care regime helps to bring out your youthful healthy glowing skin.
Infused with Aloe, the potent, fragrance free products build upon each other to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the smoothness of your skin. It also supports beauty from inside out, giving you a radiant moisturized skin that looks and feels younger.
Designed with a delicate skin in mind, the Hydrating Cleanser is full of potent naturally derived ingredients like apple extract, coconut, sunflower seed oil and apple amino acids that provide an immediate increase in skin hydration and antioxidant properties while suspending dirt and oil so it can be washed away.
This mild milky cleanser is used in the morning and evening as the first step of the anti – aging routine, leaving your skin hydrated, soft and clean for the rest of the products.
Every successful product line has a secret and in this pack, the Firming Serum is the one. It targets aging from outside by significantly improving the skin’s elasticity, supporting collagen synthesis as well as increasing the skins smoothness, firmness, thickness skin. It also reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone.
Use twice daily after cleansing with Hydrating Cleanser.
Beauty is skin deep and starts with nutrition. This Beauty supplement targets aging from inside out by controlling the aging process. It contains French melon concentrate which provides antioxidant support and relieves free radical stress. Taking collagen orally has been shown to reduce the appearance in depth of facial wrinkles and increase skin’s bounce, flexibility and hydration. Take two tablets in the morning.
To complete the powerful anti – aging formulas. the Restoring Creme is packed with over 15 skin conditioning ingredients. Light, smooth and non greasy, this moisturizer has ingredients like acai, pomegranate and other nutrients including Vitamin B3 which soothe and even out the skin’s tone and texture. With daily usage in the morning and evening this moisturizer improves skin water barrier and completes the skin care routine.
Many times our skin becomes sensitive due to parabens (ingredients or chemicals used as preservatives in beauty products). With Infinite you get a facial pack that is suited for even the most delicate, sensitive skin due to its paraben free, fragrance free formulas.
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