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Do You Need to Detox? Take our Quiz

As the main organ of detoxification, a well functioning liver is essential if you want to feel great, energetic and slow aging process as well. Most of the allergies, inflammatory or metabolic disorders can be traced to an impaired liver functioning. These include eczema, asthma, chronic fatigue, recurring infections, inflammatory bowels disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and… Continue reading Do You Need to Detox? Take our Quiz


Effects of Aging on Your Skin

Picture your skin as a juicy plum; moisturized, taut and smooth. That depicts young beautiful healthy skin. However as we age, our skin looses moisture faster. In addition to the environmental factors, pretty soon the skin starts sagging, appears dull and thereafter starts forming wrinkles. While we can’t turn back the hands of time, we… Continue reading Effects of Aging on Your Skin

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DIY Beauty – Honey Face Mask

Honey is one of the most essential and inexpensive beauty secrets used for many years to maintain a smooth glowing skin complexion. In between the monthly Spa facial treatments, homemade honey face masks can be used to restore the youthful glow of your skin whilst strengthening the skin protection barrier function. A damaged skin barrier function facilitates… Continue reading DIY Beauty – Honey Face Mask

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Basic Essentials for Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ that demands consistent care and attention everyday. It performs various crucial functions in the body which include protecting the body's internal organs, regulating the body's temperature, excretion of waste, Vitamin D production and its also one of the sensory receptors. The skin comprises of three layers: Epidermis which is the… Continue reading Basic Essentials for Healthy Skin

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Joint Care & Managing Arthritis

Naturally as we age, our bodies become prone to lifestyle diseases. In this context today we look at arthritis which occurs as pain or inflammation which includes wearing out of joints. The pain and inflammation usually begins in the hands and feet but can also occur in the spinal column or other areas. Movement becomes… Continue reading Joint Care & Managing Arthritis